Travel on my Utah Adventure!

Wow, I am so excited to report that I am sitting in Utah, at the Red Cliffs Lodge on the Colorado River!  I should have pictures to post tomorrow, and I will have some terrific scrapbook pages coming!  Keep checking back to see more.

As many of you know, I am an Independent Demonstrator for the Stampin’ Up! line of scrapbooking and stamping papers, ink, and rubber stamps and we are having our yearly convention next week.  Well, I live in New Jersey and it is a not insignificant thing to fly from NJ to Salt Lake City, Utah… so I decided to take some extra days and see the area! 

But not to worry – the cats have the menfolk at home to take care of them.  Neither my husband Bob nor my college age son Carson could get time off from work to join me, and my daughter Britta opted to go to music camp.  Well… maybe we SHOULD worry about the cats if the guys are feeding them!  I’ll keep you posted.

SO, as I said, the trip was not one with easy connections… I flew from Newark to Detroit, Detroit to Denver, and then one of those teeny planes from Denver to Salt Lake City.  Ten hours!!  But the weirdest thing was sitting in the airport in Denver… it is supposed to be up high, in the mountains, right?  But looking out the windows showed a big, flat empty area with no mountains in sight!  I think it was a trick of the atmosphere as it was hazy in the distance.  It really looked like the airport where they filmed the Stephen King story The Langoliers, where the world started to get eaten up as the day was over.  It was so bizarre that I took a bunch of pictures – should make an interesting start to the scrapbook.

Check back tomorrow and I will try to post some pictures of the trip!

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