Sunday Journal – Journaling without any actual pictures Post #3: song lyrics

Journaling without any actual pictures Post #3: song lyrics

I have been posting in this month’s Sunday Journal scrapbook journalingSunday Journal weekly series about how to make your journaling the center of a scrapbook page when you don’t have any pictures to help tell the story.  And this week I’d like to share another page and another way of doing this: by using album or song lyrics, and in this case, the iconic album cover from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Dark Side of the Moon journaling page

Dark Side of the Moon journaling page

This was an album that my friends and I loved during our freshman year in college – and ever since.  We would read the album cover.  Look at the pictures.  Read the words.  We would play it over and over again – really just side one – until the residents in the neighboring dorm rooms would complain!  Can’t you play something else?

It wasn’t just that it was great music, though – when you spend that much time with an album, you really get to know the words and actually think about them.  This song really rang true with me – it’s talking about how your life can just slip by day by day if you don’t actually engage yourself in your life.  And, I knew that while this probably happens to everyone to a certain extent, I didn’t want that to be my final thoughts at the end of my days.

So in making this page, I didn’t have any pictures of us sitting around in college.  And how do you show a picture of yourself reflecting on your life?

I decided to use the iconic album cover from Dark Side of the Moon, along with the actual song lyrics, as a reference point for my reflection journaling.  I used the pyramid image as the divider between the lyrics and my reflection.  And while I kept the lyrics a bit smaller and in white, I highlighted a few lines of the song in red that I refer to in my journaling – which I colored in bright yellow.  The fun thing is that I used the color picker tool in My Digital Studio to select these red and yellow colors from the rainbow on the album cover picture!

Digital album cover image courtesy of

So, can you think of a case where you could use album lyrics to support some journaling without any actual pictures?

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