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Journaling about your holiday decorations

This week’s Sunday Journal post covers journaling about your holiday decorations!

Sunday JournalWell, the holidays are over and many people have either already taken down their decorations, or are planning (or dreading) to do it!  But I suggest that if you still have holiday decorations around the house, you can take a look at them and consider the story (or stories) that they tell.  Think a little bit about them.  Consider:

  • Why do you put out these things in your home?  do they say something about you or your family (for example, quirky or goofy decorations can reveal your fun side; a snowman collection can reflect upon times that you enjoyed as a child)
  • Look at a specific item – Where did it come from? was it a gift, or was it passed down from family? does it make you remember someone special, or a special time?
  • Is there a religious connection with your holiday decorations? this might be a way to record some of your beliefs so that you can share them with your family and friends.  What is the significance of a particular item to your religious or cultural group?
  • Is an item part of a tradition that you do every year? tell about it!

Once you have pondered some of these ideas, think about how to get the ideas you like onto a page.

  • You can include a picture of select items and write a few lines or a little story about each, and lay out the page as if it were a series of encyclopedia entries.
  • Or include a large picture of your home, decorated for the holidays, and add a few lines or paragraphs to explain some of the things you came up with while doing the thinking exercises above!  If you want to refer to specific items in the large picture, try adding numbered arrows that correspond to numbered reflections on the side or bottom of the page.
  • If certain items were a gift from a treasured friend or family member, you can add a picture of the person along with the item!
  • If you grew up with a particular decoration, tell how it was used when you were a child.

So many great thing to consider when you are journaling about your holiday decorations!