MDS2 30 day free trial FAQ

Q: How long can we take advantage of the MDS2 free trial?
A: This is an ongoing offer. Stampin’ Up! wants everyone to┬ábe able to try My Digital Studio.

(hey, I’m currently updating this section – please┬ácheck back later!!)

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2 responses to “MDS2 30 day free trial FAQ

  1. Marlene Padin

    Hi, I’m new to digital scrap booking. I read your post @digimoms about my studio. My question is the price for the program In the website $79. But at this site to order the disk is $19.99. I’m a little confused. Thanks

  2. Hi Marlene,
    The original price of the My Digital Studio (MDS) software was indeed $79, but it is now $19.95. After so many people bought the software, the software developer had made back their initial costs and reduced the price to my company, Stampin’ Up! and they in turn are passing the savings along to you as the customer!
    You can get it three different ways – purchase it as a download with no shipping charges, or as a disc with the associated charges, or you can even try a 30 day free trial. Click on “Shop Now” near the top right to go to my store, then select My Digital Studio on the left, and take your pick! Or, please let me know if you have any other questions!

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