Scrapbook on your own terms!

Have you ever wanted to scrapbook something that just happened, but you feel you can’t because you haven’t finished your first child’s baby pages yet?  and your child is 19 (like mine)?  Don’t feel concerned that you need to scrapbook chronologically.  You can work on current pages whenever the mood strikes you! and you will have the advantage of remembering how you felt when the pictures were taken.

I have so many pictures already in the queue to scrapbook at home… but I already started making some pages while on vacation because I am loving the pictures I am taking! (hint: I am using My Digital Studio, and the software license allows you to put it on two computers… so, I have it on my laptop that I brought with me!).

Today, I was resting in my room during the heat of the day.  When the maid service came by to tidy up the room (LOVING this!) I grabbed the laptop and went to hang out in the cowboy style lounge here at the lodge… and made a scrapbook page!  It’s the cover to the album of this trip.  I may completely change it, but hey, it took 10 minutes!

Utah 2011 album

My scrapbook cover page

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