NJ Crop Weekend beckons on August 6-7

Home again!  My flight back from Convention was re-routed to Detroit to refuel – apparently we were full and they could not put enough fuel to fly the plane all the way to New Jersey.  But someone explained it is not necessarily a dig on our weight – it takes more fuel to keep the plane aloft when it is hot, and they were having record temperatures!  So I didn’t get home until 2:20am and I apologize – I didn’t get to post yesterday due to travel!

I had a wonderful time at Convention – can’t wait to share some of the great things I have learned!  The next travel event on the calendar is the NJ Crop Weekend in Basking Ridge, Saturday & Sunday August 6 & 7.  As many people have vacations planned, we still have room at the inn!  Would you like to come and join us?  Click here or check out http://www.njcropweekends.com/

The good news is that I will only be driving to Basking Ridge (it’s less than an hour from my house!).  No planes!

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