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My Digital Studio Solutions

I held a great session today to demonstrate the My Digital Studio software, and we talked about some of the problems that people have doing paper scrapbooking, and the My Digital Studio solutions to these problems!

I will hold the session again soon but here are the first three Solutions.

Question: What needs or problems can My Digital Studio solve?

Problem #1:

I don’t have much space for rubber stamping


My Digital Studio requires only a computer (or laptop)


Problem # 2:

I don’t have much time to rubber stamp and can never finish a page or card before I get interrupted!


With My Digital Studio, you can save your partially finished projects and pick up again where you left off!


Problem #3:

I have to make duplicate albums for family members.


With My Digital Studio, design once and print multiple times!  You can print multiple copies of a scrapbook, calendar or swatch book – and even customize each one with the person’s name before you print!


Are you starting to get the idea that this software can help you with some of your needs?  Stay tuned and I will share some more great My Digital Studio solutions tomorrow!