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MDS 2+ wait no more!

Do the Happy Dance for the August 1 release of MDS 2+, the new version of My Digital Studio!  We knew it was coming, but not until later in the year… but Stampin’ Up! has made me a happy scrapper by announcing that it will be available for download on August 1.  Watch what Sara Douglass has to tell us about some of the upcoming changes in this video from Stampin’ Up!!

With this new My Digital Studio software you’ll be able to:

  • Design in spreads
  • Create with custom canvas sizes
  • Add more than one color to a single stamp image
  • Resize vector stamp images while keeping them crisp
  • See color combination suggestions
  • And much more!

If you have not yet purchased this wonderful program, now is a great time to jump in.  And if you already have it, you can get an upgrade!

I can’t wait until August 1 to jump into MDS 2+, the new version of My Digital Software!

Pick your favorite red for your July Birthstone, Ruby!

Let’s celebrate the July birthstone: Ruby!  Did you know that folklore says that a ruby will turn darker in the hands of its rightful owner when danger is near?  (thanks to John Lindell at eHow.com for that “gem”!).

Rubies get their red color from the element chromium, and there are many different colors and hues of red rubies… almost as many as there are red colors in the Stampin’ Up! color repertoire!  Check below to see the red colors from My Digital Studio:

July birthstone - Ruby

Hey July birthday - which red would you prefer for your ruby?

And these are only the red colors – there are a bunch of pink and orange tinted colors in the standard colors as well.

Did you know you can actually get virtually any color using my Digital Studio?  You can supply the hex value for the color or select any color from the color wheel (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors for more information about hex notation for colors!).  And my favorite trick in My Digital Studio is to use the Color Picker to match the color of an object, such as a punch or text, to another color anywhere on the same layout page!  You can see how I did that on the previous post from the Sunday Journal.

So, feel free to pick your favorite red color for your ruby, July birthday friends, because there is one more neat feature about My Digital Studio: once a color has been made available in the program, it will always be available!  So those of us who love a color combination from before Stamin’ Up’s color renovation (how about Mellow Moss and Sage Shadow?)… we will always have them in the program!  That includes all the great In Colors as well.

If you haven’t tried My Digital Studio yet, why not download the free 30 day trial of My Digital Studio Express?

So, pick your favorite red for your July Birthstone, Ruby!


My Digital Studio for travel

I’ve been posting about all the problems you may have with scrapbooking that can be solved by using My Digital Studio, and here are a couple more reasons why I love my Digital Studio for travel!

Problem #7

I need a hobby that is portable – I travel a lot for business and have lots of time in the hotel with nothing to do.


Put My Digital Studio on a laptop and GO!  Of course, if you use a laptop from work, be sure to ask whether you can add outside software to it.

And if you travel on vacation but have little kids who go to bed early, bring your own laptop from home and scrapbook your vacation pictures at the end of the day, while the little ones are sleeping!  That’s what I did during my solo trip to Utah for Convention this summer, since it was TOO HOT to be outside in the afternoon… I took a little My Digital Studio break!  See my previous post here.

My Digital Studio solves problems!

So, after a great session yesterday showing the features of My Digital Studio (the intuitive scrapbooking software from Stampin’ Up!), I started sharing the Top 10 ways in which My Digital Studio solves problems!  Here are the next three problems or needs that My Digital Studio can solve for you:

Problem #4

I don’t want to scrapbook because all my pictures are digital and I hate having to get them printed.  I never have them ready when I want to scrapbook!


My Digital Studio allows you to use your photos directly without having to print them!  No need to spend money on enlargements – you can change the size of the picture, crop out unwanted details, and alter the picture right in the software.


Problem #5

Whenever I sit down to scrapbook, I find that my pictures are either the wrong size or need to be cropped…it’s frustrating and expensive to make those enlargements!


My Digital Studio allows you to enlarge, zoom in and crop your pictures yourself – no expensive enlargements needed and no waiting!  No need to print ahead of


Problem #6

I’d like to make one of those photo groupings but I don’t want to work that hard to get all the pictures straight.


My Digital Studio can center and align your pictures for you!  And the grid feature makes it easy to place pictures where you want the.  You can even just
print out the photo group and use it on traditional pages.

I hope these reasons help to show you how My Digital Studio solves problems!