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Enjoy 25% off MDS digital products and professional printing thru June 15!

Exciting news for My Digital Studio fans: enjoy 25% off MDS digital products and professional printing thru June 15!  Selected downloads and disc products are available at 25% off, as are many of my favorite print products (click here for details).

My Digital Studio softwareIf you’re currently working on a project, you have plenty of time to get it done and submit it for fabulous professional printing by June 15.  And, if you haven’t tried digital design yet, check out the 30 day free trial of MDS!  Grab some pictures and try out a photobook template – you won’t believe how fast and easy it is.

And then you too can take advantage of 25% off MDS!

Top 10 things for which I am thankful… including 50% off on MDS2!

Here are the top 10 things for which I am thankful… including 50% off on MDS2 this week!

10 Things thankful template

Very Very Thankful template

Isn’t this cute?  It’s a template from MDS2, the My Digital Studio digital scrapbook software from Stampin’ Up!  Of course, you can use MDS2 for so much more than just scrapbooking (think greeting cards, flyers, postcards, framable art, calendars, journals, and so on).

I hope that you are also able to spend time with your own wonderful family and friends this holiday!  And if you have a few minutes while the turkey is cooking and want to take a look, check out the details of the Online Extravaganza 20 – 50% off sale that runs through next Wednesday, 11/28 at my online store.

You can get:

  • 20% to 50% off traditional rubber stamping supplies like paper, rubber stamps, ink, embellishments etc.
  • 50% off MDS2 (130644), the version of My Digital Studio with a small amount of digital content, for only $19.98.
  • Or 50% off MDS2+ (130646), the version with the most digital content, for only $39.98.
  • Or if you currently own the original My Digital Studio, you can get the upgrade to MDS2 (130656) for only $9.98… but my recommendation is to buy MDS2+ during the sale because you will get about $500 more digital content that way for only $30 more!

And hey, if you haven’t tried it yet, there is still time to start the Free 30 day trial of MDS2… this gives you a few days to play with it and decide if you like it, before the sale is over on Wednesday!

So check out my online store… and maybe 50% off on MDS2 will become one of the top 10 things for which YOU are thankful, too!

How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio 2

I’d like to show you How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio!  Wow, that’s a mouthful – but it is actually a really easy project.  Check out the template I’m going to start with:

Mixed Bunch 8x8 page

Mixed Bunch 8x8 page

Here’s what got my creative juices flowing: I got an email from one of my customers yesterday, who said she had downloaded the free 30 day trial of My Digital Studio 2 and was enjoying exploring the software.  She was wondering if there is a template to make a framable baby gift… so I took a tiptoe through the templates and found that, while there wasn’t one specifically listed as a “framable” in the online store, there was this cute 8×8 page that comes included with the Mixed Bunch Kit – Digital Download (129359).

I like it!  The one I show above has a dummy picture in it so that it will display the picture area (it is black with the words “Your photo here” but since I made it quickly and didn’t bother to adjust the zoom, it looks like it says “our phot here” – isn’t that funny?).  Anyway, all you have to do is drop in the picture, change the name in the text box to the baby’s name, add a few words to the text box at the bottom to personalise it, and it is ready to print and drop into an 8×8 frame (I recommend the professional printing).

Then I started thinking – what if we wanted to make a gift like this but didn’t have a picture of the baby? and maybe we would like it to be a bit less flowery (um, maybe it’s a boy?!)… and heck, it’s a lot easier to find an 8×10 frame than an 8×8.  So, I modified the template!  How do you like this one?

8x10 Baby frame based upon Mixed Bunch

8x10 Baby frame based upon Mixed Bunch

Here’s what I did:

  • I made a new project using the Mixed Bunch template, which gave me an 8×8 photobook with one page
  • I clicked on Edit in the top navigation bar, and selected Change Project Size/Type.  Then I specified the new size to be 8×10
  • I deleted the picture and the flowers
  • I had to move some of the pieces around a little, but I was planning to do that already!  Most of the content on the page is made up of individual letter stamps that form the words, so I grouped them together to make it easier to move them (click on each item while holding down the CTRL key, then click Arrange on the top navigation bar and select Group)
  • Then I relocated and enlarged the pieces to fill more of the page
  • I added various other words, stamps & embellishments to fill the page, mostly from the Seriously Awesome (130664), Fundamental Phrases (118824), Little Additions (123135), and Rock-a-Bye stamp sets. Depending upon which version of the MDS software you are using, these may be either included with the software or available for purchase as a download through my online store.

To rearrange the items, there is a convenient and easy way to control spacing of items on the page: select a single item by clicking on it (or click and select multiple items while holding CTRL), then click Arrange and select Align; use the options on the drop down menu. Choices are: 

  • Top, Middle or Bottom – controls vertical spacing
  • Left, Center or Right – controls horizontal spacing
  • Center Vertically on Page
  • Center Horizontally on Page
  • Space Evenly – Horizontal or Vertical – these are fabulous to distribute items evenly across a space
For example, I added the five onesie stamp images on the page, selected them all, and aligned them by the left side.  Then I Aligned them to Space Evenly – Vertical so that they would be evenly distributed on the page.  And, while they were all still selected as a group, it was easy to simply drag them left or right to be positioned where I wanted on the page!
I think that it would also be fast & fun to put one of these together free-form, but it was super-easy to start with a template.  Let me know if you have one you have made, and we can put it in a future post!
If you’re interested in trying your hand at My Digital Studio 2, you may be interested in trying the 30 day free trial of the software.  Check it out at my online store – simply make an account (no need to specify a credit card), add it to your order, and download.  Let me know if you have any questions!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio 2!

Try MDS2 for free today!

Check out why you might like to try MDS2 for free today!

All of the darling decorations & cards (even those cute cupcake pennants!) were made using My Digital Studio 2 (or MDS2 for short!).  It’s simple, fast and easy to learn and you can download a free trial today at my online store.

So, why not try MDS2 for free today! ?


Pick your favorite red for your July Birthstone, Ruby!

Let’s celebrate the July birthstone: Ruby!  Did you know that folklore says that a ruby will turn darker in the hands of its rightful owner when danger is near?  (thanks to John Lindell at eHow.com for that “gem”!).

Rubies get their red color from the element chromium, and there are many different colors and hues of red rubies… almost as many as there are red colors in the Stampin’ Up! color repertoire!  Check below to see the red colors from My Digital Studio:

July birthstone - Ruby

Hey July birthday - which red would you prefer for your ruby?

And these are only the red colors – there are a bunch of pink and orange tinted colors in the standard colors as well.

Did you know you can actually get virtually any color using my Digital Studio?  You can supply the hex value for the color or select any color from the color wheel (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors for more information about hex notation for colors!).  And my favorite trick in My Digital Studio is to use the Color Picker to match the color of an object, such as a punch or text, to another color anywhere on the same layout page!  You can see how I did that on the previous post from the Sunday Journal.

So, feel free to pick your favorite red color for your ruby, July birthday friends, because there is one more neat feature about My Digital Studio: once a color has been made available in the program, it will always be available!  So those of us who love a color combination from before Stamin’ Up’s color renovation (how about Mellow Moss and Sage Shadow?)… we will always have them in the program!  That includes all the great In Colors as well.

If you haven’t tried My Digital Studio yet, why not download the free 30 day trial of My Digital Studio Express?

So, pick your favorite red for your July Birthstone, Ruby!


Make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page

Oh boy, I took one of the new embellishments from this week’s digital downloads for My Digital Studio and used it to make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page!

Candid Frame filmstrip

Candid Frame filmstrip

The download set is called Candid Frames and it has six embellishments that look like various picture formats.  These are the types of film or picture images that are included:

  • a snapshot,
  • a vintage picture,
  • a slide holder,
  • a film frame,
  • an instant picture (like a Polaroid picture),
  • or a 35mm format (the one I used!).
129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

These are so easy to dress up your page – just add the embellishment on top of the picture, and adjust the sizes.  The embellishments are clear so you can see whatever is underneath them in the middle!

For this page, I simply used one of the basic templates for a 12 x 12 scrapbook page that has three pictures and a text box underneath.  Here’s all I had to do to make this cute page:

  • I dropped in the pictures,
  • added one of the Candid Frames – 35mm embellishments on top,
  • resized it to cover the pictures,
  • copied the embellishment and pasted a second copy, then aligned them by selecting both embellishments and using the Align Image button on the top
  • I added the text into the text box and increased the font to 16, bold,
  • I added a text box for the headline across the top and changed the font to Bauhaus 93, size 64 bold.
  • I added the Open for Trade – Photo Log stamp from the prior week’s downloads to make it look more like a photograper’s proof sheet and added text boxes for the location, etc.

And that’s it!  Clean, simple, graphic and fun.  I love it!  What do you think?  You can get the downloads from my online store, and then you too can make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page!

If you have no regrets, you need to get out more

If you have no regrets, you need to get out more!!  That’s my new favorite saying – and it comes from one of the newest stamp brush downloads for My Digital Studio!  All are available at my online store.

Check out these exciting new digital downloads for My Digital Studio for this week, March 13, 2012!!  There are some cool stamps suitable for Mother’s Day items, great stamps with words & sayings, a vintage bike ride in the park stamp set, a great looking kit with layouts… let’s start with my two favorites, and at the end I will tell you why I love using kits!

1) Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set (129920) $7.95

This one has 13 great sayings that can be the centerpiece of either a fun scrapbook layout or a greeting card.  And the one I mentioned… well, yes, it IS a little snarky… but what fun!

129920 Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set

129920 Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set

2) Candid Frames (129929)

Fabulous! Terrific! Wonder-oso!! Can you tell I also love this set?  I love being able to dress up the photos on the page, and this set of six different frame stamp embellishments does just the trick.  In fact, I think I am going to do a page using these for my next post – stay tuned!

Coordinating colors:
Basic Black, Crumb Cake, Crushed Curry, Going Gray, Very Vanilla

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

3) Mom, You’re the Bomb Stamp Brush Set (129868) $7.95

Lots of great wordage in this set of stamp images – suitable for cards AND scrapbook layouts (so here’s a great tip – give Mom a nice card that you have made with the included template, take pictures of her lovely day, then scrapbook it using the same colors & images!).  You could also use this to make a cool piece of frameable art.

Download includes:
* 25-piece stamp brush set
* 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ greeting card designer template

129868 Mom, You're The Bomb Stamp Brush Set

129868 Mom, You're The Bomb Stamp Brush Set

4) What Goes In Designer Template (129925) $1.95

Oh these are cute – and so useful!  Four different formats of recipe cards that you can use to make a custom recipe project.  How about a scrapbook page with cards of family recipes, on the page with a picture of the family member who makes it? Or giving a set of recipe cards to a new bride? Or, making the front of a bridal shower card as a recipe card of your favorite recipe?  Fun!

My friend Jessica just made one of the stand-up calendars into a recipe book but had to make her own format – while hers is lovely, she could have used this and it would have gone so quickly!! And I think that it is cool that you can download just a small template – it doesn’t always have to be a BIG book template!

Download includes:
* 1-page 11″ x 8-1/2″ décor designer template
* 19-piece stamp brush set
* 3 embellishments

* Digital-exclusive
* Stylish recipe cards in four styles to suit a variety of occasions or themes

Coordinating colors:
Crumb Cake, Early Espresso, Lucky Limeade, Pumpkin Pie, Taken With Teal, Very Vanilla

129925 What Goes In Designer Template

129925 What Goes In Designer Template

5) Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set (129933) $5.95

Aw, this is the sweet old-fashioned bike ride in the park that I was mentioning!  Aren’t the 8 different images adorable?  I love the park bench and the lightpost! And you know, this is one of the reasons that I like using My Digital Studio.  I may only have a couple spots where I would use these images – but it is MUCH less expensive to buy them as a digital download than as a stamp set… and they take up a lot less room!

129933 Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set

129933 Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set

6) Afternoon Tea II Kit (129928) $9.95

You may know by now that I am a sucker for paper – and that applies to the digital world as well!  But sometimes, you pull out a pretty sheet of paper and then just sit there, trying to figure out what to put with it.  So, I love sets that have what this one does – fun, pretty paper designs with MATCHING tags, journaling spots and embellishments.  Go for it!

Download includes:
* 66-piece stamp brush set
* 12 Designer Series Papers
* 12 embellishments

* New exclusive-to-digital color palette
* Stamp brush set designed for multiple colors per image
* Use for thank you or everyday projects, treats, and more

Coordinating colors:
Blushing Bride, Crumb Cake, Daffodil Delight, Early Espresso, Marina Mist, Not Quite Navy, Peach Parfait

129928 Afternoon Tea II Kit

129928 Afternoon Tea II Kit

Any and all of these digital downloads are available in my online store for immediate download… and if you don’t have my Digital Studio yet, either purchase the software or order the 30 day free trial from my online store and you will also receive my free training videos!

So, I think it’s safe to say one of two things: If you have no regrets, you need to get out more OR if you have no regrets, then you have probably already taken advantage of these cool downloads!!

Digital Downloads for My Digital Studio – March 6, 2012

1) One of the coolest new things is now available in the digital downloads for My Digital Studio – March 6, 2012!  It’s the new rounded punch format in the Check This Out Designer Page Template.  If you have ever wanted to apply a rounded corner to a punch in My Digital Studio, you will know how delighted I am!  Look for my blog post tomorrow to see how I use it!  Check out below.

129921 Check This Out Designer Page Template

129921 Check This Out Designer Page Template

2) And take a look at the cool #Hashthis stamp set for adding social media tags to your cards or layouts:

129934 #Hashthis Stamp Brush Set

129934 #Hashthis Stamp Brush Set

3) You might enjoy using this Open For Trade page template in a future scrapbook project, as you can label the pages with info about how the picture was taken.  Really cute – looks like tags from a professinal photographer shop! It comes with:
* 4-piece stamp brush set
* 1-page 5″ x 5″ designer template

129604 Open for Trade Stamp Brush Set

129604 Open for Trade Stamp Brush Set

4) This next Lucky Framable Designer Template one is a lot of fun for St. Patty’s Day or anytime you are feeling the luck of the Irish – you can easily make a card, or a gift that you can frame for your favorite Irishman… or Irishwoman!

129930 Lucky Framable Designer Template

129930 Lucky Framable Designer Template

5) How beautiful is this?!  You can use these gorgeous papers and words for scrapbook or cards, as well as the journal template.  The Walk in the Park Kit II download includes:
* 12-piece stamp brush set
* 14 Designer Series Papers
* 40 embellishments
* 6-1/4″ x 8-1/4″ journal front and back cover designer template

And it features:
* New exclusive-to-digital color palette
* Stamp brush set designed for multiple colors per image
* Imagery suits birthdays, spring or summer projects, or everyday designs
* Journal designer template great for teacher gifts, thoughtful moments & more

Coordinating colors:
Basic Black, Basic Gray, Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, Melon Mambo, Pool Party

129607 Walk in the Park II Kit

129607 Walk in the Park II Kit

6) And last but not least for this week, a darling stamp brush set.  Who can resist woodland creatures and gnomes?  Cute for cards, scrapbook layouts, or to create a mat for printing a picture to be framed.

130681 Life In The Forest Stamp Brush Set

130681 Life In The Forest Stamp Brush Set

If you are interested in any of these delightful downloads, go to my online store.  On the right, you will see the green circle where you can select the My Digital Studio Express free trial, and the downloads from the current week are shown below it.  Pick any of these from March 6… or just click on Digital Designing on the left for more options!

My Digital Studio during Sale-A-Bration

This is absolutely the best time to purchase the intuitive software  My Digital Studio during Sale-A-BrationMy Digital StudioLet me show you how to maximize your savings.  As you may already know, for every $50 you spend on Stampin’ Up! products you get an additional item from the SAB catalog for free!  Sale-A-Bration runs through March 31, 2012.

So let’s see how that can work for you.  If you purchase My Digital Studio for $79.95, you will get one free item!  There are great stamp sets, paper, and fabric selections… Or, if you want to stick with digital design you can choose from two different sets of digital content on a CD for My Digital Studio:

Digital Option #1: One Big Sale-A-Bration CD (127220)

Select item 127220 as your free SAB product and you will receive a CD with ALL of the new, exclusive SAB content in digital format!  You get:

  • 5 stamp brush sets
  • 12 Designer Series Paper Patterns
  • 6 ribbons
  • 5 brads

Digital Option #2: Piece of Cake Ensemble CD (127222)

This is a CD with an entire digital kit for hosting a party, including invitation, greeting card, tag and various decor elements.  You get:

  • 72 embellishments
  • 1 punch
  • 37-piece stamp brush set

    MDS SAB Piece of Cake Ensemble CD

    MDS SAB Piece of Cake Ensemble CD

You can get either of these digital CDs free when you purchase My Digital Studio before March 31, 2012.

Ah, now I can hear you thinking… if I get ONE free SAB product for every $50 I spend… and My Digital Studio costs $79.99… simple math tells me that I can spend only an additional $20.01 and get BOTH digital CDs for free!

Let’s look at how you can do that.  You can of course purchase ANYTHING in the Stampin’ Up! product line of rubber stamps, papers, ink pads, die cuts, embossing folders, embellishments, albums, and so on… but let’s assume you are on a roll here with the digital design mode.  What are some options?

From the Occasions Mini Catalog, you can order the:

  • 125615  Twitterpated Swatchbook Designer Template for $12.95.  You get the template for a 26-page swatchbook where you simply drop in your photos… and then you can print multiple books!

    125615L Twitterpated Swatchbook Designer Template

    125615L Twitterpated Swatchbook Designer Template

  •  125617 Sweet Shop Trifold Card Designer Template for $1.95.  You get the layout for a colorful trifold double-sided birthday card, ready to create multiple cards in a flash! and you can customize the colors and elements.  It coordinates with other Sweet Shop series products.

    125617S Sweet Shop trifold card template

    125617S Sweet Shop trifold card template

  • 125590 Scented Stampin’ Emboss Powder is not a digital product, but something fun you can use with the trifold card to make a delightful hybrid card… make the cupcake frosting on the card smell like vanilla!  $5.95.

So there you have it: My Digital Software for $79.95, plus $20.85 for the above items, gives you a total of  $100.80 and you get BOTH free SAB digital CDs!

And if you either purchase My Digital Studio from my online store, or try the free 30 day trial of My Digital Studio Express, you can sign up for my free 30 day support classes showing you how to get started!  Click here for more details.

To purchase My Digital Studio, visit my store here or click on “Shop Now” on the top right.  Woo hoo – let the digital designing begin with My Digital Studio during Sale-a-Bration!


My Digital Studio free 30 day trial

You have probably noticed, from past posts, how much I like My Digital Studio, and I am so excited about the My Digital Studio free 30 day trial!

It’s very simple to get the software.  MDS Express TrialSimply click here (or on the Shop Now button on the top right) and you will be taken to my online store, where you can order the software FOR FREE!

Then simply download the My Digital Express software.  The Express version is not terribly large, and you can easily download it even with a regular Internet connection (no high-speed connection needed!).   Your 30 day trial does not start until you launch the My Digital Studio software for the first time… so you can order and download it now and wait until you have a little time to look at it (like maybe this weekend? LOL!).

You may be wondering what you get with this free download… some people don’t believe things are any good if they are free, but I am happy to tell you that you get the exact same version of the My Digital Studio Express software that you can buy for $39.95.  It is intuitive, easy to use and the results are delightful!

When the 30 day trial period is over, you get a reminder that you can buy the software and continue to use it… either the Express version that you already have with the free trial, or the full My Digital Studio software with almost 500 different components such as templates, stamps, Designer Series Papers, punches, embellishments and more!

Still want more info?

  • Aha, I hear you asking: what is the difference between the full My Digital Studio and the My Digital Studio Express?  Click here and I will fill you in!]
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the free trial
  • Contact me at carol@carolGpapercrafts.com if you have more questions!

You may also be wondering how to get going with the software!  If you order it through me, I will be happy to offer you free orientation and tips over the 30 day trial.  After I get notification from Stampin’ Up! that you have ordered the free trial, I will send you an email where you can sign up for my free orientation program!  More info coming soon!

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to get started with your My Digital Studio free 30 day trial!