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How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio 2

I’d like to show you How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio!  Wow, that’s a mouthful – but it is actually a really easy project.  Check out the template I’m going to start with:

Mixed Bunch 8x8 page

Mixed Bunch 8x8 page

Here’s what got my creative juices flowing: I got an email from one of my customers yesterday, who said she had downloaded the free 30 day trial of My Digital Studio 2 and was enjoying exploring the software.  She was wondering if there is a template to make a framable baby gift… so I took a tiptoe through the templates and found that, while there wasn’t one specifically listed as a “framable” in the online store, there was this cute 8×8 page that comes included with the Mixed Bunch Kit – Digital Download (129359).

I like it!  The one I show above has a dummy picture in it so that it will display the picture area (it is black with the words “Your photo here” but since I made it quickly and didn’t bother to adjust the zoom, it looks like it says “our phot here” – isn’t that funny?).  Anyway, all you have to do is drop in the picture, change the name in the text box to the baby’s name, add a few words to the text box at the bottom to personalise it, and it is ready to print and drop into an 8×8 frame (I recommend the professional printing).

Then I started thinking – what if we wanted to make a gift like this but didn’t have a picture of the baby? and maybe we would like it to be a bit less flowery (um, maybe it’s a boy?!)… and heck, it’s a lot easier to find an 8×10 frame than an 8×8.  So, I modified the template!  How do you like this one?

8x10 Baby frame based upon Mixed Bunch

8x10 Baby frame based upon Mixed Bunch

Here’s what I did:

  • I made a new project using the Mixed Bunch template, which gave me an 8×8 photobook with one page
  • I clicked on Edit in the top navigation bar, and selected Change Project Size/Type.  Then I specified the new size to be 8×10
  • I deleted the picture and the flowers
  • I had to move some of the pieces around a little, but I was planning to do that already!  Most of the content on the page is made up of individual letter stamps that form the words, so I grouped them together to make it easier to move them (click on each item while holding down the CTRL key, then click Arrange on the top navigation bar and select Group)
  • Then I relocated and enlarged the pieces to fill more of the page
  • I added various other words, stamps & embellishments to fill the page, mostly from the Seriously Awesome (130664), Fundamental Phrases (118824), Little Additions (123135), and Rock-a-Bye stamp sets. Depending upon which version of the MDS software you are using, these may be either included with the software or available for purchase as a download through my online store.

To rearrange the items, there is a convenient and easy way to control spacing of items on the page: select a single item by clicking on it (or click and select multiple items while holding CTRL), then click Arrange and select Align; use the options on the drop down menu. Choices are: 

  • Top, Middle or Bottom – controls vertical spacing
  • Left, Center or Right – controls horizontal spacing
  • Center Vertically on Page
  • Center Horizontally on Page
  • Space Evenly – Horizontal or Vertical – these are fabulous to distribute items evenly across a space
For example, I added the five onesie stamp images on the page, selected them all, and aligned them by the left side.  Then I Aligned them to Space Evenly – Vertical so that they would be evenly distributed on the page.  And, while they were all still selected as a group, it was easy to simply drag them left or right to be positioned where I wanted on the page!
I think that it would also be fast & fun to put one of these together free-form, but it was super-easy to start with a template.  Let me know if you have one you have made, and we can put it in a future post!
If you’re interested in trying your hand at My Digital Studio 2, you may be interested in trying the 30 day free trial of the software.  Check it out at my online store – simply make an account (no need to specify a credit card), add it to your order, and download.  Let me know if you have any questions!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing How to Make a New Baby Gift by Modifying a Template in My Digital Studio 2!

31% off My Digital Studio items for 31 days

Get 31% off My Digital Studio items for 31 days in August!  31 of the greatest digital items! Woo Hoo!  Lots of people are nervous about turning 30, but in this case the magic number is 31!!

Check out the list below for 30 digital downloads and 1 digital content disc (hint: that’s the best bargain of all these good deals!). Just click on the item number to go to my online store.  Note: click on item names listed in blue to see examples of where I have used the set!

And remember, the professional printing services are marked down 31% during August as well!

Item Digital Content Retail Price 31% Off
Got it! Want it!
127217 Floral District Collection Disc (best buy – look below for what it includes! $23.95 $16.53
118115 Night and Day Designer Series Paper $4.95 $3.42
129929 Candid Frames $2.95 $2.04
129921 Check This Out Page Templates $4.95 $3.42
129609 Blossom Builders Embellishments $5.95 $4.11
128999 It’s All Me Kit $9.95 $6.87
127441 Whimsical Note Journal Template $1.95 $1.35
128342 Pinwheel Daily Calendar Template $9.95 $6.87
127599 Party Animal Kit $9.95 $6.87
127600 Autumn Traditions Kit $9.95 $6.87
127620 Grateful Heart Thanksgiving Ensemble $14.95 $10.32
126027 Playful Polka Dots Kit $9.95 $6.87
130066 World Traveler Photobook Template $17.95 $12.39
131221 Storybook  Specialty Designer Series Paper $4.95 $3.42
130850 Joyful Times Kit $9.95 $6.87
124463 One Great Year Digital Kit $9.95 $6.87
127175 Limited Edition Embellishments $2.95 $2.04
129607 Walk in the Park II Kit $9.95 $6.87
129934 #HASHTHIS
Stamp Brush Set
$7.95 $5.49
129923 Book of Birthdays Swatchbook Template $12.95 $8.94
121071 Travel Journal Kit $9.95 $6.87
129924 Get it Done Kit $5.95 $4.11
129005 Sweetly  Nested Framable $4.95 $3.42
127758 Delight in the Day Photobook Template $19.95 $13.77
130862 Blast Off Ensemble $19.95 $13.77
129890 Little Milestone Birthdays Greeting Card $7.95 $5.49
128892 Designer Gift Cards $4.95 $3.42
127580 And a Happy New Year Photocard Template $1.95 $1.35
127435 Thanks Tons Greeting Card Template Set $2.95 $2.04
127587 Sending Glad Tidings Designer Tags Kit $7.95 $5.49
127762 Gratitude Framable Designer Template $1.95 $1.35

So isn’t that a terrific list?  There are 30 downloads and one disc included in the 31% off My Digital Studio items for 31 days.  These digital items can be used in My Digital Studio as well as any other digital application.

The Floral District Collection disc is indeed a great deal – well, all of the collections discs are a great deal, but this one is on sale this month so I would say it is a TERRIFIC deal!  Here’s what’s included on the disc:

Disc includes:
* 6-piece Betsy’s Blossoms Stamp Brush Set
* 11-piece Floral District Stamp Brush Set
* 25 Designer Series Papers
* 32 embellishments
* 1 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ greeting card designer template
* 24-page 8″ x 8″ photobook designer template

* A digital version of the Betsy’s Blossoms Stamp Set and Floral District Designer Series Paper plus a digital-exclusive 24-page 8″ x 8″ photobook designer template

Coordinating colors:
Baja Breeze, Daffodil Delight, Lucky Limeade, Rich Razzleberry, Rose Red, Tangerine Tango, Whisper White

And just so you know, when you order all of these through my online store, except for the Floral District Collection disc, you can download them to use immediately AND pay no shipping & handling!  So get busy, download some great stuff and get busy making your projects so you can submit them for printing by August 31 and in addition to getting 31% off My Digital Studio items for 31 days, you can save 31% on printing as well!

Sunday Journal – Journaling without any actual pictures Post #3: song lyrics

Journaling without any actual pictures Post #3: song lyrics

I have been posting in this month’s Sunday Journal scrapbook journalingSunday Journal weekly series about how to make your journaling the center of a scrapbook page when you don’t have any pictures to help tell the story.  And this week I’d like to share another page and another way of doing this: by using album or song lyrics, and in this case, the iconic album cover from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Dark Side of the Moon journaling page

Dark Side of the Moon journaling page

This was an album that my friends and I loved during our freshman year in college – and ever since.  We would read the album cover.  Look at the pictures.  Read the words.  We would play it over and over again – really just side one – until the residents in the neighboring dorm rooms would complain!  Can’t you play something else?

It wasn’t just that it was great music, though – when you spend that much time with an album, you really get to know the words and actually think about them.  This song really rang true with me – it’s talking about how your life can just slip by day by day if you don’t actually engage yourself in your life.  And, I knew that while this probably happens to everyone to a certain extent, I didn’t want that to be my final thoughts at the end of my days.

So in making this page, I didn’t have any pictures of us sitting around in college.  And how do you show a picture of yourself reflecting on your life?

I decided to use the iconic album cover from Dark Side of the Moon, along with the actual song lyrics, as a reference point for my reflection journaling.  I used the pyramid image as the divider between the lyrics and my reflection.  And while I kept the lyrics a bit smaller and in white, I highlighted a few lines of the song in red that I refer to in my journaling – which I colored in bright yellow.  The fun thing is that I used the color picker tool in My Digital Studio to select these red and yellow colors from the rainbow on the album cover picture!

Digital album cover image courtesy of flaxmanrecords.com

So, can you think of a case where you could use album lyrics to support some journaling without any actual pictures?

Digital downloads for Graduation

What better way to mark the end of school than with a scrapbook using the new digital download for Graduation?!  It is fast and easy to make a photobook or individual pages using My Digital Studio, and the new digital downloads this week can be added to any scrapbook template.  Take a look!



The download includes:
* 2 5″ x 7″ double-sided postcard designer templates (great for party invitations or graduation announcements!)
* 2-page 11″ x 8-1/2″ décor designer template
* 1 12″ x 12″ page designer template
*20-piece stamp brush set
* 7 Designer Series Papers
* 7 embellishments
* 3 punches

* Digital-exclusive
* All you’ll need for a graduation party: invites, food flags, mini rolled diplomas (these make a cute treat for a grad party)
* Complete with 12″ x 12″ page classmates can sign for a lasting keepsake

Coordinating colors:
Cherry Cobbler, Marina Mist, More Mustard, Old Olive, Soft Suede, Very Vanilla, Whisper White

The digital download for Graduation includes three punches that I think would be useful in lots of other places, as well.  Here is a picture of the punches that are included (thanks to Tanner Morris from SU tech support for the screen shot!):

129877 Grad Party Punches

129877 Grad Party Punches

So, check out these digital downloads – you can order them for immediate download at my online store.  And if you are new to all this and interested in making a graduation album, you can buy My Digital Studio or try the 30 day free trial at my online store as well!

I look forward to hearing about how you like making your scrapbook using digital downloads for Graduation!

Ready for some Summer Smooches?

Are you ready for some Summer Smooches?  Nah, I don’t mean sticky kisses from a kid eating cotton candy!  I’m talking about the fabulous new suite of patterns from Stampin’ Up!, available in both paper/fabric/ribbon/stencil/ fabric covered brads, as well as digital downloads.  Here are the brightly colored patterns – put on your sunglasses! and read thru to the end – I have a recommendation to save you some money if you want to do some fast and easy scrapbooking!

125409 Summer Smooches Designer Series Paper

125409 Summer Smooches Designer Series Paper

I have to say, I am a sucker for any kind of fabric covered brads – and these are adorable – use them with the paper or the fabric selections.  But here’s the kick – these selections are available as a preview this month only, until 4/30 – most of them will also be available in the new catalog, coming out on June 1 – but you can only get the fabric covered brads until 4/30 and they won’t be coming back in the catalog!!  Aren’t they cute?

125589 Summer Smooches Fabric Brads

125589 Summer Smooches Fabric Brads

And the stamp set is a lot of fun:

125497 Bright Blossoms - Clear-Mount Stamp

125497 Bright Blossoms - Clear-Mount Stamp

How are you doing so far – are you ready for some Summer Smooches?

I also love the digital downloads available from Summer Smooches – for My Digital Studio, or any other graphics programs.  There are two choices.  First is a kit, containing the paper, the stamp brush set, the fabric brad embellishments and some card templates (129601 Summer Smooches Kit) – here’s one of the cute cards:

Summer Smooches card template

Summer Smooches card template

Or you could choose the 129919 Summer Smooches Photobook Template, including the DSP, stamp brush set, a ton of embellishments and one of my favorite photobook templates that I have seen from My Digital Studio yet!  Templates can make for fast and easy scrapbooking – just drop in your pictures and add the text.  Here’s a little sample:

Summer Smooches Photobook Template

Summer Smooches Photobook Template

The pages are brightly colored, making them perfect for a vacation layout or… just about anything!   So my vote, even though the card template is cute, is to save some money and just go for the photobook template.  You really don’t need both – you would be paying twice for the same paper (um, don’t ask me how I learned that!).

You can order any and all of these cute selections in my online store.  What do you think – are you ready for some Summer Smooches?




My Digital Studio digital downloads for week of March 20, 2012

There are some great new items that I want to share with you in the My Digital Studio digital downloads for the week of March 20, 2012!!  Check ’em out below!!

1) Taffeta Trimmings embellishments (129603)

Oh boy, a whole new set of ribbons and bows – I love to use these as decoration on pages and cards, and also to divide sections on a scrapbook layout… look to see these in some of the upcaoming pages that I will share!

The download includes:
* 188 embellishments

* New ribbon style
* Gathered skinny taffeta and not-quite-as-tidy tied bows; a perfect statement for any project
*A perfect addition to the Taffeta Ribbon Color Pack (item 122156) that you may already have.
Look how cute they are:

129603 Taffeta Trimmings

129603 Taffeta Trimmings

2) Wish You Were Here Stamp Brush Set (129926)

Let’s face it, many of the scrapbooks that we do are travel or vacation related, and it is always fun to have travel images to use on the pages.  These are cute!

129926 Wish You Were Here Stamp Brush Set

129926 Wish You Were Here Stamp Brush Set

3) Wonderful Wings Stamp Brush Set (129602)

It’s hard not to love these butterflies.  Plenty of was to use them on cards, scrapbook pages, as frameable art for a gift…  ‘Nuf said!

Download includes:
* 3-piece stamp brush set
* 5″ x 7″ greeting card designer template

129602 Wonderful Wings Stamp Brush Set

129602 Wonderful Wings Stamp Brush Set

4) Get It Done Kit (129924)

Yet another set of images that are very flexible in how they can be used.  I absolutely love these little tags and journaling blocks, AND the punch with the ticket corners… and I am looking forward to making a page that uses them to label the pictures!

Download includes:
* 16-piece stamp brush set
* 15 embellishments
* 3 punches

* Digital-exclusive
* Send cool digital memos to yourself or your friends

Coordinating colors:
Bashful Blue, Basic Black, Basic Gray, Calypso Coral,  Crumb Cake, Whisper White

129924 Get It Done Kit

129924 Get It Done Kit

5) Book of Birthdays Swatchbook Template (129923)

How aborable is this!  Do you find yourself forgetting birthdays?  This looks like a template that you can use for a swatchbook where you keep track of all the birthdays that fall in each month so you can reload your calendar each year!

Download includes:
* 26-page swatchbook designer template
* 23-piece stamp brush set
* 7 Designer Series Papers

* Digital-exclusive
* Never miss another birthday with perpetual calendar that keeps them all in one spot
* Versatile stamp brush artwork works for any project
* Portrait swatchbook pages designed so that when professionally printed, the rivet is in the upper left corner

Coordinating colors:
Crumb Cake, Island Indigo, Lucky Limeade, Pool Party, Rich Razzleberry, Very Vanilla

129923 Book of Birthdays Swatchbook Template

129923 Book of Birthdays Swatchbook Template

6) With the Grain Stamp Brush Set (130680)

Aw, I saved the best and cutest for last.  My Senior Girl Scout troop (of high school girls!) has adopted the squirrel as their unofficial mascot, as they have to work hard to stay on topic during meetings… remember the dog in the movie “Up”?  He would be talking along until –“Squirrel!!” — he was totally distracted by a squirrel running by!

130680 With The Grain Stamp Brush Set

130680 With The Grain Stamp Brush Set

So, what do you think – can’t you see yourself using a bunch of these?  You can download any of these at my online store.  And if you don’t have My Digital Studio yet, please check out the 30 day free trial and you will be eligible for my free series of training videos.  And then you’ll be able to use  some of these cute My Digital Studio digital downloads for the week of March 20, 2012!!

Make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page

Oh boy, I took one of the new embellishments from this week’s digital downloads for My Digital Studio and used it to make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page!

Candid Frame filmstrip

Candid Frame filmstrip

The download set is called Candid Frames and it has six embellishments that look like various picture formats.  These are the types of film or picture images that are included:

  • a snapshot,
  • a vintage picture,
  • a slide holder,
  • a film frame,
  • an instant picture (like a Polaroid picture),
  • or a 35mm format (the one I used!).
129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

These are so easy to dress up your page – just add the embellishment on top of the picture, and adjust the sizes.  The embellishments are clear so you can see whatever is underneath them in the middle!

For this page, I simply used one of the basic templates for a 12 x 12 scrapbook page that has three pictures and a text box underneath.  Here’s all I had to do to make this cute page:

  • I dropped in the pictures,
  • added one of the Candid Frames – 35mm embellishments on top,
  • resized it to cover the pictures,
  • copied the embellishment and pasted a second copy, then aligned them by selecting both embellishments and using the Align Image button on the top
  • I added the text into the text box and increased the font to 16, bold,
  • I added a text box for the headline across the top and changed the font to Bauhaus 93, size 64 bold.
  • I added the Open for Trade – Photo Log stamp from the prior week’s downloads to make it look more like a photograper’s proof sheet and added text boxes for the location, etc.

And that’s it!  Clean, simple, graphic and fun.  I love it!  What do you think?  You can get the downloads from my online store, and then you too can make a filmstrip on the scrapbook page!

If you have no regrets, you need to get out more

If you have no regrets, you need to get out more!!  That’s my new favorite saying – and it comes from one of the newest stamp brush downloads for My Digital Studio!  All are available at my online store.

Check out these exciting new digital downloads for My Digital Studio for this week, March 13, 2012!!  There are some cool stamps suitable for Mother’s Day items, great stamps with words & sayings, a vintage bike ride in the park stamp set, a great looking kit with layouts… let’s start with my two favorites, and at the end I will tell you why I love using kits!

1) Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set (129920) $7.95

This one has 13 great sayings that can be the centerpiece of either a fun scrapbook layout or a greeting card.  And the one I mentioned… well, yes, it IS a little snarky… but what fun!

129920 Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set

129920 Fantabulous You Stamp Brush Set

2) Candid Frames (129929)

Fabulous! Terrific! Wonder-oso!! Can you tell I also love this set?  I love being able to dress up the photos on the page, and this set of six different frame stamp embellishments does just the trick.  In fact, I think I am going to do a page using these for my next post – stay tuned!

Coordinating colors:
Basic Black, Crumb Cake, Crushed Curry, Going Gray, Very Vanilla

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

129929 Candid Frames - Digital Download

3) Mom, You’re the Bomb Stamp Brush Set (129868) $7.95

Lots of great wordage in this set of stamp images – suitable for cards AND scrapbook layouts (so here’s a great tip – give Mom a nice card that you have made with the included template, take pictures of her lovely day, then scrapbook it using the same colors & images!).  You could also use this to make a cool piece of frameable art.

Download includes:
* 25-piece stamp brush set
* 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″ greeting card designer template

129868 Mom, You're The Bomb Stamp Brush Set

129868 Mom, You're The Bomb Stamp Brush Set

4) What Goes In Designer Template (129925) $1.95

Oh these are cute – and so useful!  Four different formats of recipe cards that you can use to make a custom recipe project.  How about a scrapbook page with cards of family recipes, on the page with a picture of the family member who makes it? Or giving a set of recipe cards to a new bride? Or, making the front of a bridal shower card as a recipe card of your favorite recipe?  Fun!

My friend Jessica just made one of the stand-up calendars into a recipe book but had to make her own format – while hers is lovely, she could have used this and it would have gone so quickly!! And I think that it is cool that you can download just a small template – it doesn’t always have to be a BIG book template!

Download includes:
* 1-page 11″ x 8-1/2″ décor designer template
* 19-piece stamp brush set
* 3 embellishments

* Digital-exclusive
* Stylish recipe cards in four styles to suit a variety of occasions or themes

Coordinating colors:
Crumb Cake, Early Espresso, Lucky Limeade, Pumpkin Pie, Taken With Teal, Very Vanilla

129925 What Goes In Designer Template

129925 What Goes In Designer Template

5) Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set (129933) $5.95

Aw, this is the sweet old-fashioned bike ride in the park that I was mentioning!  Aren’t the 8 different images adorable?  I love the park bench and the lightpost! And you know, this is one of the reasons that I like using My Digital Studio.  I may only have a couple spots where I would use these images – but it is MUCH less expensive to buy them as a digital download than as a stamp set… and they take up a lot less room!

129933 Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set

129933 Happy Every Day Stamp Brush Set

6) Afternoon Tea II Kit (129928) $9.95

You may know by now that I am a sucker for paper – and that applies to the digital world as well!  But sometimes, you pull out a pretty sheet of paper and then just sit there, trying to figure out what to put with it.  So, I love sets that have what this one does – fun, pretty paper designs with MATCHING tags, journaling spots and embellishments.  Go for it!

Download includes:
* 66-piece stamp brush set
* 12 Designer Series Papers
* 12 embellishments

* New exclusive-to-digital color palette
* Stamp brush set designed for multiple colors per image
* Use for thank you or everyday projects, treats, and more

Coordinating colors:
Blushing Bride, Crumb Cake, Daffodil Delight, Early Espresso, Marina Mist, Not Quite Navy, Peach Parfait

129928 Afternoon Tea II Kit

129928 Afternoon Tea II Kit

Any and all of these digital downloads are available in my online store for immediate download… and if you don’t have my Digital Studio yet, either purchase the software or order the 30 day free trial from my online store and you will also receive my free training videos!

So, I think it’s safe to say one of two things: If you have no regrets, you need to get out more OR if you have no regrets, then you have probably already taken advantage of these cool downloads!!

How to save money as you crop and enlarge your pictures with My Digital Studio

Here’s how to save money as you crop and enlarge your pictures with My Digital Studio!  Doesn’t that sound great?

Have you ever taken a picture into the photo store to be enlarged for a scrapbook layout?  It can cost $5 or $10 just for a 5 x 7″enlargement – and that is if you are simply enlarging the whole picture.  You may need to pay extra to get them to zoom in on a particular part of the picture, cropping out the rest!

I love using My Digital Studio for my digital scrapbooking, and one of the biggest reasons is that I can crop and enlarge pictures on the fly!  No waiting, and no big expense!  Let me show you two examples:

1) Giant size pictures (LOL)

Here are two pages that I made about my trip to Utah this past summer, where I went hiking in Arches National Park.  In the Visitors Center, I took a picture  of this cool 3D topographical map, and then blew it up to giant size so I could add labels for the different areas that I hiked and visited!  I made it so big that I had to split it between two pages, so here is the left page and then the right page:

My Digital Studio photo enlargement layout - left page

My Digital Studio photo enlargement layout - left page


My Digital Studio photo enlargement layout - right page

My Digital Studio photo enlargement layout - right page

Isn’t that cool?  Just imagine how much it would have cost to make TWO 12 x 12″ enlargements of the same picture for this layout!  And, I was able to add captions right on top of the picture to match my journaling on the right.

2) Zooming in on a picture

My hubby coaches 8th grade boys lacrosse, and he played in the “Old Goat” game with a bunch of the other alumni and coaches.  Well, I got a great picture of him after the game, but you probably know how big those playing fields are… even with my good Nikon camera and a good zoom lens, I can’t zoom in on just one person from across the field!  Take a look at the difference it makes when I zoom in and crop the picture using My Digital Studio.
Basic photo:
Hubby's full picture

Hubby's full picture

And here is what the picture looks like when I zoomed in on him, cropping out the distracting stuff on the sides:

Cropped photo with triple mat

Cropped photo with triple mat

POW! my eye focuses on him (and he is indeed a handsome fellow, yes?).  I quickly added a white mat around the picture, then inserted a square punch behind it, stretched it to the right size, colored it Pacific Point blue and matted a red mat on the punched shape for a triple mat.  All in about 60 seconds!  And note – if there was not already a Stampin’ Up! color that matched his uniform, I also could have made the punched mat exactly match a color in the picture!

Can you think of some scrapbook pages you have done where this would have been useful?  I bet you’re happy that you see how to save money as you crop and enlarge your pictures with My Digital Studio!

My Digital Studio free 30 day trial

You have probably noticed, from past posts, how much I like My Digital Studio, and I am so excited about the My Digital Studio free 30 day trial!

It’s very simple to get the software.  MDS Express TrialSimply click here (or on the Shop Now button on the top right) and you will be taken to my online store, where you can order the software FOR FREE!

Then simply download the My Digital Express software.  The Express version is not terribly large, and you can easily download it even with a regular Internet connection (no high-speed connection needed!).   Your 30 day trial does not start until you launch the My Digital Studio software for the first time… so you can order and download it now and wait until you have a little time to look at it (like maybe this weekend? LOL!).

You may be wondering what you get with this free download… some people don’t believe things are any good if they are free, but I am happy to tell you that you get the exact same version of the My Digital Studio Express software that you can buy for $39.95.  It is intuitive, easy to use and the results are delightful!

When the 30 day trial period is over, you get a reminder that you can buy the software and continue to use it… either the Express version that you already have with the free trial, or the full My Digital Studio software with almost 500 different components such as templates, stamps, Designer Series Papers, punches, embellishments and more!

Still want more info?

  • Aha, I hear you asking: what is the difference between the full My Digital Studio and the My Digital Studio Express?  Click here and I will fill you in!]
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the free trial
  • Contact me at carol@carolGpapercrafts.com if you have more questions!

You may also be wondering how to get going with the software!  If you order it through me, I will be happy to offer you free orientation and tips over the 30 day trial.  After I get notification from Stampin’ Up! that you have ordered the free trial, I will send you an email where you can sign up for my free orientation program!  More info coming soon!

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to get started with your My Digital Studio free 30 day trial!